Hello! My name is Sabrina…..

(This was posted before I learnt about the About Page. Enjoy!)

I’m busy mom out in the country! I crochet, read lots, draw a little, raise chickens and teach my children when to work and when to have fun! That includes having a wild imagination and expressing ourselves!

Not an easy thing when there are so many ideas out there on how to do things. Parenting, cooking, school, travel, and even writing!

So I ask a lot of questions like, “what if” or “how” or the famous, “why” a lot. Google and ask Siri on how others do things. Before working on what fits my family and I the best!

By the way, my Siri is a guy! Anyone else have the opposite “sex” on their device?? Or accent??

Sorry! Off topic! Anyway, I don’t have answers to many of my questions and can only dream up the answers. Creative Writing has helped me put ideas down and run with them!

I haven’t written lots or for very long. I am THAT new!

So taking the first steps is scary and exciting! This blog is just one step to reaching out!

I will share more about myself another time and take a break! Have yourself a great day or night and take care!



Published by sbstitches

Welcome and thank you for stopping by! I started this blog to share my story ideas because I couldn't find them in a book or online. Mostly with aliens learning about us humans and what we will do. There will be a few stray thoughts as well! So you have been warned! I will be posting a new blog about these ideas and sneak peaks of my writing once or twice a month! So I invite you to comment and subscribe so you don't miss out!

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