So my phone is acting up!

Good day!

So my phone is acting up and I think there is an alien bug in it! Just kidding! But I rather have fun then get mad at the poor customer service person!

During the daytime my phone will not work or get receive any messages. And then at night time it will work again! But if there was an alien bug in my phone…..

While the alien bug is awake, my phone will not work much and the bug likes to tease me with working small amounts with hours of nothing. When it sleeps my phone is perfectly fine! That is only late at night and early morning.

This tiny black and green alien bug is very flat and likes older technology. It will make the owner upset by not letting the device work properly and when the device is replaced, will happily call its friends.

They will use it for their tech city. More then likely located in our landfills. That’s my crazy thoughts though…..

I did call my cell phone service provider, and they are sending me a new phone because mine is too old, sadly. Hopefully all will be right and I can keep up with all the emails and social media!

Inspiration can come from anywhere even from frustrating situations! Have a great day everyone and I hope you are not having technology problems!

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Welcome and thank you for stopping by! I started this blog to share my story ideas because I couldn't find them in a book or online. Mostly with aliens learning about us humans and what we will do. There will be a few stray thoughts as well! So you have been warned! I will be posting a new blog about these ideas and sneak peaks of my writing once or twice a month! So I invite you to comment and subscribe so you don't miss out!

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