Just a thought….

My family is my passion and we grow together! Learning about ourselves and each other! Holding each other up and letting each other know when we go too far. They help keep me going and I love them for it! That is a big part of me!

My writing and crocheting are part of my creative side! Both can be a joy and work with the end results surprising me sometimes too! That goes for my funky drawings! (I will show you a few sometime!)

We are also a family that reads a LOT!! We are always told that we have a lot of books! To that, we tell people we still have a list that we want to get and that list keeps growing!! There really is no such thing as “too many” when it comes to books!! Just not enough shelves! Oh look! Another book!

Then there is having animals around! Cats that are indoors and cats that are for outside! A smart dog that doesn’t like thunder! And chicks in summer that become chickens for the freezer! All that helps with responsibility and in showing the care for our food! Yum yum!

These are just a few thoughts about how I live and what I’m thankful for! It has helped me be who I am! Also it is a reflection of how I’ve changed over the years!

There are a few more things but that can wait! How you changed over the years and what makes you who you are, can be a surprise! That’s just my thoughts……

Published by sbstitches

Welcome and thank you for stopping by! I started this blog to share my story ideas because I couldn't find them in a book or online. Mostly with aliens learning about us humans and what we will do. There will be a few stray thoughts as well! So you have been warned! I will be posting a new blog about these ideas and sneak peaks of my writing once or twice a month! So I invite you to comment and subscribe so you don't miss out!

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