There is beauty here!

October 13, 2019

After the first big storm and still missing the hydro that we take for granted, I needed to start the fire outside to heat our food and water! We dug to, around, and in our fire pit yesterday when the snow stopped! So it’s at the ready!

I love the sound and dance that the fire makes! The colours that come and go! Warmth and beauty as long as we are carful, isn’t looked at as often as it used too! Not needed as much but still gives when we do use it!

The wind blows and the frozen leaves sing! Holding onto the branches because they are slightly green! The frozen raindrops fall below as they make a different sound on the crust of the snow!

The trees are holding on and fighting the heavy winter load that has become their coat! Not wanting to break and become food for the fire later!

While the pines became shelter for those animals that need it! With their tent of branches and snow, you just need to crawl under and stay warm! Ends up that is where one cat took shelter from the storm and is hungry as she makes her way to the food shelter!

Still so early as the sky is getting lighter and you can’t even see the twinkle of the stars that peek through the clouds!

Adding a few more pieces of wood, send small sparks up into the air! They move in the breeze and seem to dance before going out!

The coals are almost ready and the water is warming up! Drying bread for toast, and frying up eggs in the pan to feed us! We can make coffee inside with the water and hopefully do up a few dishes!

Blinking so the smoke doesn’t bother my eyes as much when it blows towards me! I love the wooden smell but not needing a tissue for my eyes and noise! Carful to not rub, I clean up my face of the tears!

I think how lucky we are to be able to cook! To have this when there is no power and remember the person that taught me!

How to have a bace and build a small, baby, fire first! Even when everything is wet or has snow, you just need a small amount of paper and twigs on same bark and to go slow to make a small fire grow!

Tomorrow is Canada’s Thanksgiving and I couldn’t be more thankful for my family and what I can teach them! I will have breakfast with my family and hope I can watch the fire some more! I enjoy being outside when I can!

Don’t worry! With the snow around the fire pit and how small the fire has become, there is no worries about it “going” anywhere! That and I keep a close eye out the window! Hope you enjoyed the beauty with me!! Coffee?

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