First Aid anyone?

(If course I can’t say where or who!! I will get into major trouble! I help with children right now of different ages.)

It’s very scary when you have to use your first aid training! Your brain goes into shock and you try to remember the steps!

I was holding a crying child when said child stopped crying just like that! I was startled and checked to see what was going on.

Nothing! Eyes closed, mouth open, and looked as if said child stopped breathing!

I called the senior staff member to call 911 and checked for breathing again. The child’s chest did go up and down.

Passing the child over as said child came to, I needed to gather the other children and mover them to another room as the supervisor came over.

The other children didn’t understand and asked questions I couldn’t answer. Myself and another adult distracted them as help arrived. It helped to distract me too as the time seem to slow down.

It wasn’t long before all was well, as the child was seen by paramedics and then a doctor! I was able to release the strong feelings I had and we all needed a break in the back room to calm ourselves!

I will never be able to shake the feeling any time soon. I’m just glad I remembered what to do!

NOTE: This happened not long ago and I was very shaken at the time of writing this. I had to edited it so there was no wrong info and still feel shaken of the thought of the child in my arms having a dramatic change! Please know I have taken my First Aid but the time I needed it was much sooner then I ever thought! Take care everyone!

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