How do you end the story?

Besides the busy life of home, work, crocheting, and trying to write! I am having trouble finishing my first story and Christmas is almost here! 😱 (I’m not ready)

I have tried a few times and “see” were I want it to go, taken breaks and come back, and still I don’t have an end to it!

I have tried just writing and it doesn’t sound like I trying to close the door but keep going through it and the next!

How do you finish and feel like it’s done and great? Or good?

I want to learn and keep growing and this blog has been a help! I need to build on what I have done so far and what others keep doing!! Finding the end is a bit harder than I thought but I may need to change my thinking…..

What works for you??

Published by sbstitches

Welcome and thank you for stopping by! I started this blog to share my story ideas because I couldn't find them in a book or online. Mostly with aliens learning about us humans and what we will do. There will be a few stray thoughts as well! So you have been warned! I will be posting a new blog about these ideas and sneak peaks of my writing once or twice a month! So I invite you to comment and subscribe so you don't miss out!

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