See the struggle, know it’s real.

Feel the fall, taste the fear.

Want to run, want to hide.

No one there on either side.

Tired mind, tired heart.

Why are we pushed apart?

Hang your head and give a sigh,

May just tell the same old lie….


Stand up strong!

Stand up true!

No one can be just like you!

Feel the power that you hold!

Feel the heat, not the cold!

Sing the song of something new!

Feel the love that burns hot and true!

Feel the power that is you!

You may be different, odd to most!

Show them that you are bold!

Hold on to the strength to carry on!

You may be torn but you are strong!

Published by sbstitches

Welcome and thank you for stopping by! I started this blog to share my story ideas because I couldn't find them in a book or online. Mostly with aliens learning about us humans and what we will do. There will be a few stray thoughts as well! So you have been warned! I will be posting a new blog about these ideas and sneak peaks of my writing once or twice a month! So I invite you to comment and subscribe so you don't miss out!

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