Aerlglo looked around but didn’t see any dangerous Ollads, or his people. As he moved in the small area, he seen some odd looking flower near the edge. Brighter and fuzzy than any plant he seen before.

What have I found now? Did the soft creatures plant something new here as well?

Getting closer showed it was a soft creature itself. Mostly hidden except for the long fuzz it grew on it’s head.

Aerglo lifted the soft creature up carefully. It was limp, as if dead, was warm and wet with its body fluid on its lower limb. He almost dropped it when it made a sound. The poor thing was alive and in pain, even in its limp state. He couldn’t leave it to whatever would find it next.

Careful of the wetness and not doing the soft thing anymore harm, Aerglo put it in his carrier shell and started to move away to find a safe place. It would be good while before he could regroup with the others. Remembering a number of safe hide aways, he started moving towards the furthest one. It had the best cover and food supply.

The creature wasn’t very heavy and stayed in the limp state all through the travel.

I wonder if it will die in this state. Its strange that it was left behind, but if the others believed it was dead, then it will not be missed.  As he looked down at the soft creature, there was something wrong. It was even lighter in flesh than before. 

How can this thing change colour? Must be loosing its body fluid faster than I thought. I will have to stop that before it gets sick.

He stopped and lowered the carrier shell down to take a closer look. There was body fluid soaked into the creatures skin wraps. Cutting and pealing them away showed a long gash that went a little deep on top and ended shallow. The body fluid wasn’t flowing fast but hadn’t stopped as Aerlglo had hoped. It could have happened in the attack.

Taking thin Grisp tie; he sewed the gash closed and then cleaned the creature up. After cleaning up himself and the shell, he placed the creature back in. Looking closer, Aerlglo recognized this creature as one that wasn’t seen a lot.

I don’t like that injury. I may have what I need to cover it, Aerlglo thought, looking for grisp cloth in his extra pouch. Finding a piece he wrapped it around the creature’s limb.

Poor things couldn’t grow hard shells to protect themselves. They needed soft wraps to cover their weak flesh. How did they survive without protection? They where not very big. They  did not look to have any defensive body parts. Aerlglo thought to himself. They could build small homes by the base of the trees or in the trees. Clear land to grow strange plants to eat. The strangest part was they came from the sky in a strange shell. They where amazing in how they must survive, but not very bright creatures. He thought sadly.

Communication with them had not worked yet. The sounds they made to each other sounded rough and loud or high pitched. They could not eat some of the food that where given to them. Some projecting it back up. When that happened, many became louder, waving strange stingers at the Pairing Group that was trying to help. Only a few would come close and the rest stayed by their homes and continued to work.

Aerlglo had agreed to learn more from a distance and report if the creatures became a problem. His group had watched for many Lights and Darks with the Pairing group. Learning a lot about how they cared for their food, ate, made soft wraps, and the difference in the sounds they made and the motions with their head and feelers. Learning how they kept clean was a bit more difficult and required hiding and being stealthy. Being close bothered the creatures, but when one of the younger Niknon tried to touch one washing, it and they became aggressive.

Nikons had not expected to have to defend themselves from the soft creatures or fight off Ollads that seen a chance at easy food. The soft creatures could defend themselves very well and the stingers made very loud sounds and did a lot of damage to the Ollads and surrounding area. His group got away but he had become separated.

Now Aerlglo had a soft creature of his own to care for and hopefully it would do well. He could learn a lot more from it and if it was male or female would be a good start. He could teach it as well and hopefully they could help each other with the rest of it’s kind. 

It would be good to stop most of the aggressive behaviour towards the Niknons and get a few paired up to keep it that way. There was suggestions on a forced pairing to speed up the learning but the aggression that the creatures showed was alarming.


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