It was nearing the Dark when he arrived and he didn’t have any trouble seeing with his smaller eyes. The Niknons that set the shelter up had worked with the plants to grow them around a warm liquid source. There where hard rocks that where smoothed out a bit so no one would get an injury. There was a front with lots of resting space, a place for food and supplies, a cleaning area, and it was well hidden with all the other plants around.

Aerlglo started to set up the shelter by gathering liquid and making up a soft padding for the creature. He lowered the carrier shell and had a pair of eyes staring up at him. The soft creature had woken up sometime during the travel. It did not start to fight when Aerlglo carefully picked it up to place on the padding. He gathered up some liquid and offered it to the creature, making sure not to spill any. It drank it all without trouble.

The creature sat up slowly and check the injury on its a limb. Seeming to be satisfied that the injury was no longer leaking and covered up, it started to stare at Aerlglo. The creature seemed to be unsure of what to do or what to make of its situation. Aerlglo backed up when the creature started making sounds at him. It sounded rougher than it should and Aerlglo offer more liquid. It was funny when the creature blew out air in frustration before taking another drink and pushed it away.

Moving one of its feelers up, it closed the tips together and brought it to its mouth twice. It took Aerlglo by surprise that it was wanting to talk without sound and the creature did the motion again before opening its mouth and making short noises. Aerlglo realized that it meant it was hungry and needed food. Feeling confident the creature would stay put, Aerlglo moved to the back of the shelter to find a few food items he seen the creatures eat. When he returned though, he couldn’t find the creature.

Wonderful, thought Aerlglo a little upset, this one took off even with an injury. I will tie it down before it hurts itself more.

Aerlglo didn’t get too far outside the shelter when he could hear the creature behind some tall plants. Going around, quickly startled it and showed it to be without lower covers,  dumping its body waste. That was a private thing and the creature was becoming very noisy about him being there. He did not move and just offered some soft clean grisp cloth from his bag. He had seen the males shoot their waste away from themselves and this one could not.

A female then. She will need a better waste spot, thought Aerlglo.

She took the cloth and stared at him before making very angry sounds. He only took ahold of her upper limb that was not holding the cloth and held on. Finishing her dumping and realizing he wasn’t going away, she cleaned herself, pulled the wrappings up and accepted the help back to the shelter to wash her feelers.

Aerlglo could feel how upset his little female was but offered the food he collected. It brought him closer to her and he could see how red her flesh was on her head and how it became brighter with him staring. It was close to the colour of the fuzz on her head. He only moved when she took some food and stared to eat. Getting food for himself and settled down in front of her to eat, he started to recall what they knew about the females. Noticing the flesh returning to normal as she ate.

They didn’t seem as strong as the males but did as much of the work, gathering, cleaning, fixing the wraps, building, protecting each other, helping to care for the injured. They liked their space to keep clean, dump their waste, and rest. There was one other thing the females body did that was disturbing to the Nikons. The female’s body leaked body fluids for a few Lights and Darks every cycle. At that time the females could become very upset easily and the males seem to stay away from them.

I will need to gather more grisp cloth for those times and keep track when that happens, thought Aerlglo, If I can get her to allow me too. I will do what I can before returning to my group. I may need to return her to hers as well.

That wasn’t a pleasant thought and Aerlglo didn’t feel like giving up his little female. Looking up and seeing the creatures eyes where nearly closed, he took the remainder of her food away and covered her with grisp cloth. He stayed by her till he knew she would rest well, without leaving. Going outside, he fixed up something for her before he could take his rest till Light came again.


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