Aerlglo was startled when Light came and the female creature was in front of him staring. She didn’t move away now that he was awake but used her feelers very slowly to make different shapes. Doing this a few times wasn’t getting through so she made sounds very slowly as she did.

Aerlglo was fascinated and started to make his own sounds to copy her. This made the female show her white labiums and her eyes showed happiness. She continued making the sounds till he was making close to the same as her.

“Aarreete. Arete.”

The sound was strange but made the female happy and she pointed her feelers at herself while making the sounds. Realizing what it meant Aerlglo lowered himself closer.

“You shared you with me, Arete. I will share me with you. Aerlglo is me.”

Aerlglo made his sounds slowly to her and she started to copy. It took a bit longer because her mouth was soft and didn’t click. Growing frustrated Arete backed up and blew air out. Aerlglo was sad she could not copy him in sound as easily as he had. Instead of dwelling on the sounds, he went closer and touched her up limb. It was better to eat and clean her injury before they continued getting to know each other.

Leaving her to gather food for both of them and new grisp cloth, gave her time to calm down. She looked to be uneasy and was moving around a little. Aerlglo realized she must need to dump but didn’t want him with her. It made him make a small happy click that surprised Arete and he proceeded to help her up.

She was becoming a little red in her head flesh is he let her out of the shelter to a space further away. Handing her a clean grisp cloth he showed her the small seat at a dumping spot. A small sound had Aerlglo checking to see if she was happy with it. She looked up at him, showing her white labiums and used her feelers and limbs in a waving motion.

Aerlglo turned but would not leave. That was enough for Arete because he could hear her dumping and it was a bit stinky. When he heard a small sound of frustration, Aerlglo handed back another piece of grisp cloth. He felt her take it with a sound the soft creatures used a lot as appreciation and answered with his own sound.

Finally finished they made their way back to wash, eat, and drink liquid. Aerlglo thought they were doing well and learning a lot from each other. After eating, he removed her cloth and exposed her injury that was only a little red. Arete checked on his work as he cleaned it carefully before covering it back up.

Aerlglo did not know what else they could do, but Arete seemed to want something as she stared at him, moving her feelers. Pulling herself up, she came closer to him, using her feelers to touch his long front limb, she waited to see if he was comfortable with her being close.

Making a small downward head movement, that her kind used, gave his permission. Her touch was gentle and soft as she explored his front limb. He open and closed it to show how it bent differently then hers.

Aerlglo was feeling uneasy but stayed still as she moved up closer, checking his labiums, and looking into his large eyes before moving to his side to look at his wings. He felt a light touch on one wing and then one of his smaller limbs. She moved back to his front and stepped back. He felt at ease because it wasn’t easy to not move and watch what she did.

Aerlglo stood up a little and stretched his wings. Settling back down he looked to see Arete standing with her a limb held out to him. She was offering him a chance to get to know her as well. Aerlglo lowered his head down so he could feel with his labiums on her feelers, moving up her limb, and smelling her by her head. She was getting just as uneasy as he had been, tensing up a little.

Moving up, he felt the fuzz on her head, as thin as grisp tie, and straightened a bit of it. The flaps of flesh on the side of her head where tough feeling and she moved her head back when he made a small click. Being careful not to startle her again, Aerlglo moved to face her. Soft light labiums on the outside and hard white ones on the inside were she put food and liquid, a pointy part above for breathing, and her eyes with fuzz above that.

He had always thought the soft creatures eyes where strange with the different shades surrounded with white. Now to get a close look showed how amazing they where. They moved around when the head was still, the flesh around had little straight sensors, and there was a shine to them. 

How amazing are these creatures? I would like to know how they see us, thought Aerlglo as he reached slowly to touch the flesh by her eyes. Arete didn’t move but her breathing quickened a little. He was even more surprised that it was as soft as a new Niknon.


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