Aerlglo couldn’t hold the joyful sound or his excitement as he put his head right in front of hers and held her close. Looking into her eyes, he tried to carefully push all that he felt through an old Niknon tradition of Sharing. Arete sucked in her breath with surprise and then quickened, the flesh by her eyes widened, and she started to shake. Aerlglo eased up a little to get a feel of the Sharing and Arete started to breathe slower and stop shaking.

By taking it slow and easy, he felt how she responded to his joy and wonder. It was more than he could believe. He felt her own wonder, happiness, and excitement. He was surprised at her eagerness to learn more. He started to share that his people where called, Niknons, and there where different groups in different places. He thought of the Grisps that helped with threads, rope, and clothes, like the one used for her leg. She was startled by them and he seen a different, smaller grisp, known as a spider from her world.

Aerlglo was surprised that Arete had the ability to share with him as well. He wasn’t being carful with his thoughts with the surprise and shared how it was impossible with the small and very different beings. He felt Arete being hurt by that thought and then seen how his people looked to her. A much bigger version of the praying mantis, of her world, that is seen to be eating or hunting all the time. There was a fear that the Niknons would hunt Arete’s people.

[We felt fear and didn’t understand what you wanted from us. We call ourselves Humans.] The thoughts were soft and light but strong.

Aerlglo didn’t move or respond right away. He had felt Arete sharing her thoughts to him and was filled with joy. He shared how he felt and responded carefully.

[My people wish to learn about yours. Why you do things. We don’t eat humans. I wish to learn more about you, Arete, later. We need to stop now. Light is passing. We need to eat.]

Slowly pulling away, he held Arete and helped her sit down. She shouldn’t have ben on her injured limb for so long. Light was passing and Aerlglo knew he needed food. Passing food and liquid, he noticed that Arete was very quiet while they ate. She ate lots and that was normal after Sharing. Aerlglo felt the need to watch that she was well and didn’t hurt after this experience.

They both cleaned up the area before he left her to dump and dumped his own body waste. It gave him time to think of all he had learnt and how he would Share it with the rest. They were called Humans, they had a fear because of something similar but not equal to the Niknons, and they could communicate better now if more would Share with them.

When they returned, Arete seemed to be looking for something. She didn’t seem find it and gathered a cloth and liquid to clean her head flesh. Now Aerlglo felt silly. He cleaned himself after the Dark or first Light and Arete had not cleaned herself since he found her, nor did he show her where to clean herself.

Making clicking sounds to her, he showed her to the far back and to the left, where the warm liquid was gathered in the cleaning area. It was split so the liquid cooled for drinking. It was set up for his people but some had gathered a few things from the humans. Cleaning plants for their flesh and wraps, bigger cloths for drying off, and body wraps of different sizes.

Arete seemed surprised and very happy as she moved to pick out what she needed and felt the warm liquid in a gathering pod. Aerlglo showed her how to release a small amount of the warm liquid to where the cleaning pod was. He cleaned himself to show how it worked first and how the used liquid went away after. It was then her turn and he released more liquid for her. Aerlglo wasn’t surprised at how red she was when he turned around. Removing all her body wraps would expose all of her and she wasn’t ready to share that.

They must be told as new humans to never expose themselves unless it was a mate. Thought Aerlglo sadly, having an idea.


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