He gathered a large grisp cloth and held it out so he couldn’t see her fully. It was a bit worn out so he could still see if she needed help. Arete made a sound he didn’t know and proceeded to remove her wrappings and start cleaning. Aerlglo didn’t see as much as he hoped too but had more answers and even more questions now. As she finished drying off and wrapping the cloth around herself, Aerlglo put away the large cloth thinking it was safe.

A high pitched sound from Arete let him know that she was not ready and she held the wrapping that was around her. Aerlglo tilted his head a little to the side and chirped at her in question. Shaking her own head a little she bought up her feelers and motioned for him to come closer, touching her head a little afterwards. She wished to Share again so they could speak and for him to understand. He obliged her by getting closer and lowering himself down.

[I’m not ready to share that much and I know you where looking before. Please stop and give me the time I need.] A firm feeling came with the thought and he felt sad that she felt that way. [It is the way we are. You can learn by asking questions and I will try to answer you. I wish to dress without you looking, please.]

She moved back and watched him. He made a small downward head movement and turning away to do as she wished and had to lower himself carefully again as he felt her strong relief and happiness. It was quickly followed with confusion. Aerlglo realized they where starting to Pair up together because he was starting to feel more of her and they had stoped Sharing when he had turned.

He knew she felt some of his shock when heard her fall and felt her uncertainty. Turning to see that she was not injured and feeling uneasy at how to explain Pairing of his people to her, Aerlglo went closer and waited. She didn’t look injured and sat with wide eyes for a few moments before calming her breathing down.

[My people share what we learn with thoughts. There are times that a deeper sharing is done. This is called Pairing. There are different levels. We can stop it from growing stronger if this is making you uncomfortable.] Aerlglo explained. [We would need to return to separate to our own people for a while. We would try to see if that would work first. Then carefully breaking our shared thoughts if the pairing is still strong. It would be uncomfortable.]

[Any break up is uncomfortable, Aerlglo.] As Arete made a sound. [We humans have break ups as we grow and work through it differently. Some are able and others are not. It can be a friend or someone we are dating.] Arete shared with calm amusement and there was a feeling of a growing strength.

[I feel uneasy because I feel my feelings and thoughts should be mine and only shared when I share them. In saying that, I don’t see this as a problem if we take it slow. It can be an opportunity to learn and teach. I will need time to understand, as I said before. We humans feel strongly and it doesn’t always make sense.]


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