[Then you will allow the Pairing to grow with me?] Asked Aerlglo quickly with shock. There was silence as Arete got her thoughts together.

[You have been around my kind to learn about us and I have seen you stop things that could have become fights with my people. You have also helped me when I was unable to do anything.] Arete explained. [Also offering to stop this pairing when it would be uncomfortable for both of us and not pushing to keep it, shows me you are someone I can trust. Now if you don’t mind, I would like to get dressed and I’m feeling thirsting and tired.]

[I will gather liquid. Let you dress. Sharing can tire us if we are not used to it. I will see you when you are finished.] Getting up and moving out to do as he said.

Aerlglo cleaned up the padding with fresh cloth and moved it so she would be closer to him. He also made sure the liquid and a small amount of crushed plant was near by. This plant was used by the humans for stopping pain in their body and head. Only small amounts and only for a few times during the Light. One of the Niknon was given some long ago and she brought it here. Aerlglo felt silly again that he didn’t offer it for her limb injury before.

[That is sweet of you, Aerlglo.] Arete thought coming into the shelter front. [My leg feels fine and the stitching you did should be able to come out in a few more days. I feel a little headache coming on though. Is that because I’m not used to sharing?]

[It is. You will get better. You are getting stronger with use. Come, eat before resting. I have questions if your headache does not get too bad.]

[I feel as all I have done today is eat and rest. The day seems to be going fast.] Replied Arete feeling amused. [What questions do you have?]

Without answering right away, Aerlglo gave her more food, liquid, and the crushed plant. He wanted to ask her many things but needed to take it slow so there was no strain on Arete. She ate well again and made a face with the crushed plant, drinking the liquid right afterwards. He enjoyed his food and being with Arete. It made sense to ask about her first.

[Why did we not see you as much as other humans?]

[I was out just as much as everyone else but had my hair covered.] Arete explained. [Every time I didn’t cover it, it distracted the Niknons and they kept trying to touch my hair.]

[It is bright. It would bring joy to us. I see how it would make you uncomfortable when you are working. What were you doing with your feelers before?]

[I was using signed language to try and communicate better. Some use it because they can’t talk and others because they can’t hear. I can show you a few. Eat, drink, wash, and my name later.]

[I would like that. We should rest. I see you trying to stay awake.] He set her up on the padding and rested beside her. Their sharing was very new and would take time to adjust. It wasn’t long before she was still and he joined her.

The Dark was starting to come to end the Light when Aerlglo felt Arete stir. It wasn’t a surprise anymore when she needed to dump or that he wouldn’t leave her side. It seemed silly that they had only shared a small amount of time together but were becoming trusting of each other. Arete helped build a fire and they ate a small meal. Aerlglo felt it was better not to share until Light and was happy that Arete agreed. She showed him a few more words with her feelers. Aerlglo was happy that she didn’t mind him holding her as they listened to the sounds outside. Aerlglo put her down on her padding when she fell still again. Thinking to himself before resting.

These humans are as different as we Niknons. Yet we are able to share. We can Pair with each other. This changes many things. I will need to return with this information. The Main Home will be happy with this change.


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