When the Light came, they agreed on a plan on how to go about their day. It started with eating, dumping and cleaning, followed with sharing and questions, eating a little and a rest if needed. Aerlglo suggested going for a walk to stretch Arete’s leg and strengthen it.

[That would be a good time to gather plants that I can use for food and healing.] Arete told Aerlglo, showing him her white labiums or smile as the humans called it. They seem to have a name for everything.

[Do you gather lots?] Aerlglo asked, passing food and liquid to her.

[I’m one of the people that do. I clean and get things ready for myself and the others.] Arete responded proudly. [Learning about what we can use safely and how to use is interesting. I gather all that we need to help learn about this new world.]

[How did you start learning about plants? Who showed you the use for them?] Asked Aerlglo.

[My grandma showed me when I was little and she helped set up my own garden. My friend, Tiana, and I grew many different things to eat and use. Tiana’s grandma helped by using what we grew in her cooking. By teaching us about the work and care it took, we appreciated our food a lot more]

[Sounds like what we teach the new Niknons. Where is your friend, Tiana?]

[Back on Earth. She couldn’t make it on the same ship as me and had to wait. If things get better here, she wants to come on the next ship and no other. She is very much like her grandma.] Arete’s amusement filled Aerlglo and he knew Tiana was a very good human.

[Then we will need to get back to make that happen. I wish to meet this friend of yours. It will change our plan but would be for the best. Do you wish to dump now that we are done eating?] Asked Aerlglo.

Feeling amusement again from Arete, she got up and helped clean up the area. Aerlglo was confused about what he said that made her feel that way. He would ask later. They needed to take a rest from sharing. Arete’s head wasn’t hurting but it was best to take care.

It didn’t take long to dump and clean themselves up. Arete was still shy and Aerlglo respected her wishes by going to the shelter. He put away the padding, gathered what they needed for their journey and put on his carrier shell. If they where going back, it would be better to start on their way. It may take longer if Arete wanted to walk and not be carried in the shell. Arete joined him and she was feeling excited. Aerlglo also felt her unease and chirped at her.

[They would have been looking for me when I didn’t return. I need to explain what happened and how you helped me.] Arete explained.

Aerlglo understood. He would need to do the same with his people and see what changes occurred while he was gone. The humans changed how and when they did things depending on what happened around them. After the attempt at touching and the attack from the Ollads, the humans would have changed much of what they do. Looking for one of their own would be very stressful as well.

[I feel that I made things worse by not returning you to your people. I felt that they left you. I wanted to learn from you.] Aerlglo sadly thought. [I may need to carry you. We need to travel quickly.]

Doing that head motion in agreement, Arete climbed in the lowered shell and laid down. Putting the shell into place, Aerlglo started off slow and picked up speed. It hadn’t taken long to get to this shelter and it wouldn’t be long before they returned to their people. He traveled swiftly to the area he found Arete and the fighting that happened the Light before.


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