Aerlglo thought they needed to eat and drink liquid before going on. He did not want to see Arete go yet and was trying to make their time together last longer. Making sure it was safe and that there were no Ollads around, Aerlglo lowered the shell. Arete climbed out and stretched but quickly moved closer to him as other Niknons came into the clearing.

[Aerlglo, why does a soft creature hide by you? Is it yours?] A young Niknon called Cram asked, peering at Arete. [Can I touch it?]

[He is young and learning.] Informed Aerlglo to Arete quietly to her alone.

[I am not anyone’s or a soft creature, young one.] Arete answered, stepping away. [I am a human. My name is Arete and Aerlglo has helped me. I need to return to my people. Can you tell me what they have done?] Looking around at the others Niknons to see who would step up.

[This one is Sharing and is the missing one they are looking for.] Shared an older Niknon, looking at her. [They will not allow any Niknon near their homes and have set small groups out looking for you. There is a group not far from here. We can get them to come here.] Making chirping sounds at a couple of Niknon to send them on their way. [Arete, I will share me with you as well. Leirbag is me.]

[We felt the need to return when Arete felt well enough to travel.] Aerlglo informed the group. [A pairing has started between her and I.]

Leirbag lowered himself and Arete came closer with a feeling that he wish to share with her. Aerlglo had to move back as other Niknon came closer. It was time to find out if it was a true Pairing or forced.

[Did this Niknon take you away?] Leirbag asked.

[He did. It was that or leave me when I couldn’t defend myself with an injury.] She answered strongly.

[Did he take care of you and the injury?] Leirbag asked with a feeling of care.

[Yes, he stitched it so the bleeding stoped. Aerlglo made sure I ate and drank well. Showed me where to wash and offered to stop the pairing if it made me uncomfortable.]

[Did he make you uncomfortable?] Asked Leirbag, turning his head slightly.

Arete couldn’t stop the laughing sound and Aerlglo felt her amusement. [Of course he did. We didn’t understand each other well and I made it clear when I was too uncomfortable. He didn’t mean too. You Niknons are as curious as we humans are.]

Feeling the other Niknon’s amusement, Aerlglo knew the next question was serious and he knew Arete would be honest. He was a bit nerves at her answer.

[Did this Niknon force a Sharing on you?] Leirbag asked, straightening his head and leaning a bit closer.

[I don’t believe he did. We were trying different ways of communicating and when  signed language or sound didn’t work very well, Aerlglo tried sharing his feelings. He felt my own, and that I wanted to know more.] Aerlglo could feel Arete getting tired but she continued. [Aerlglo shared he was a Niknon and the friends that make the cloth he used to cover my injury, are called Grisps. They reminded me of a spider back on Earth and shared what they look like. I felt that he was surprised. I felt hurt when he thought we where too different to be able to share and shared another creature of my world. It is a creature that looks similar to Niknons. I wished to share with words, gave it a try and we continued that way. Mind if I rest?]

[It would be good to rest, eat, drink liquid. Aerlglo will join you after. Your people will be shown to you soon.] Leirbag answered as food and liquid was passed around when he waved.

Leirbag walked over to Aerlglo and motioned to move away. After seeing that Arete was resting and eating with no problem with the other Niknons, he went with Leirbag. It would be interesting to know what the older Niknon thought of all this and if Aerlglo did the proper thing and all the right moves.


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