[You where missed. This is a surprise bringing a human back. It could make things better between us.] Leirbag started privately. [You came close, Aerlglo. You where very happy to share. It would have hurt her if it was not accepted. This Pairing will be allowed. Arete may be the first to except us. Let’s see how her people react when they return to her.]

They had just returned and started to eat when the two Niknons returned with the humans following. When they seen Arete, a few moved faster and called out, making the Niknons uncomfortable. They gave space so the humans could find out what they needed from Arete and avoid most of the noise.

Arete made different sounds to her people, motioning to her leg and Aerlglo. A few watched him as one checked her leg and seemed to be happy with it. Another Niknon gave a clean grisp cloth to cover the injury up again and the cloth was accepted. There was still some tension between the humans and the Niknons.

There was a human making sounds to Arete and motioning to the young Niknon, Cram. It was making Cram nervous. Arete responded and the human moved her head up and down to some of the sounds. Looking at the Niknon in question this human straightened up and walked closer to him.

[What does it want? Why is it coming to me?] Cram asked panicking, making nervous clicking sounds.

[Aerlglo, she says that she was the one trying to wash and that is the Niknon that tried to touch her.] Arete shared. [I explained he was young, still learning, and how he was with me. I let them know how we communicate and she wants to try to speak, I mean, share with him.]

[It, I mean, she wants to share with me? Why?] Cram asked.

[Because I want to understand why you thought you could watch me wash or touch me. You came to learn about us and seen how we like our privacy for personal reasons and then broke our trust with your actions.] A strong and clear, female, voice shared. [I am told you are young, like a child, but there are rules that everyone must follow and rules we set with your group. So why did you break those rules?]

All the Niknons straightened at the new sharing and Leirbag motioned to Cram to answer her. Cram was not very straight and he wasn’t looking at the human.

[Cram, you need to understand they are like our people and very like our females.] Aerlglo informed him privately. [She wants to know if you have learnt not to break the rules that are set between our people and theirs.]

[I have learnt that I was in the wrong and seen the trouble I caused.] Straightening up and looking at the female, Cram continue. [I wish to learn more and do so properly. I miss being around your people. Would you help me learn?]

[I can as long as you slow down and think before doing something. If you don’t, you will miss being around my people again. You can call me, Orinda. We need to return with Arete so the search is called off. After we will let your people know when you can come back.]

Arete made sounds to the group and their head flesh looked strange. A few seem to be asking questions, which she replied, over and over. The one called Orinda, turned side ways towards Aerlglo and stared while she listened. She moved and quietly made sounds with Arete before nodding.

[I was trying to explain Pairing to them and that it is deeper then just sharing. I said it was a connection between us.] Aerlglo could feel that Arete was getting tired. [Will it become uncomfortable if we are separated for a while?]

[It will be all right. I will be near and waiting for the rest of your people to be at ease.] Aerlglo reassured her. [It will be good for us to rest and be with our people for a bit. Rest. Eat well.] 

[I will and if all goes well, we will share a meal again today. Until later, Aerlglo.]


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