Aerlglo watched the humans leave and helped clean the area with his people. He notice that Cram was quiet and would look in the derection that the humans took. They finished with the cleaning and as the group left to report to the others, Aerlglo traveled beside Cram and waited. Cram was thinking well about this experience and all his people would had many more questions.

“I believe I will learn more from Orinda.” Cam spoke their language with Aerlglo. 

“I will be able to set up a better system for our people between the humans. They are wanting more of their people here and it would be for the best not to fight. I can’t wait to share with her again. I do not what to Pair. I am not ready.” Cam paused. “How was is to share with Arete?”

“You gave a lot of thought into what is needed. Who to ask.” Aerlglo let him know. “As to Arete, she is able to communicate in sound, feeler movement, or sharing now. She is wanting to learn to help her people. Pairing with her is going to interesting.”

“Feeler movement? That is what they use for the one who does not use sound. It looks hard to do.” Cram thought before letting him know. “He knows when we are near. It does not bother him. I believe that human likes us around.”

“I have seen that one. The other humans care for him. Making sure they are seen. He is able to do the work as well as they are.” Aerlglo thought before continuing. “There will be many changes when Light comes after Dark. We will learn many things from the humans. I would like to think they will learn from us too.”

Cram agreed with a click as they arrived and where greeted by the other Niknons. Many where happy to see Aerlglo safe and waited to hear him. When everyone was gathered Aerlglo told his story of finding a soft creature, learning it was female and called a human. He ended with him being Paired with the human and returning her to her people.

Leirbag let them know the Pairing was good and the human agreed to it. Cram then added that he had shared with the human, Orinda, and fixed the problem he had made. Everyone was happy they would be able to communicate better now and would be aloud near the humans to continue learning soon.

“How will we know when the humans will allow us near?” Asked a female Niknon.

“We will wait. The humans will make it clear when they are comfortable.” Leirbag answered. “Now we must send our information back home. It is good news at long last. There will be more work for us. More of our people will be needed.”

Everyone went back to their work and Aerlglo headed back to his shelter. It was well hidden in a very large Awaka plant that had been around a long time. It would be big enough if Arete wanted to stay for a few light and darks.

What am I to do? I have not been back long. I want her near. Aerlglo thought, looking around at the mess of things. I will clean this up. After I will seek her out near her people.

It didn’t take as long to get everything put away and set up a resting area for when Arete came. Aerlglo could save room for her food and he had a running supply of liquid. Hearing a grinding click outside stopped Aerlglo from planning anything else that involved Arete. He was surprised to see Leirbag and his friend, Erlu waiting for him.


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