“Erlu, I welcome you. I did not know you would be here.” Aerlglo greeted his friend. “How well is your young niknon?”

“My young is very well. I came from home when I heard you where gone with the soft creatures, humans, where upset.” Answered Erlu. “I hear you are paired to a human. I give welcome to this news, my friend.”

“I thank you. I find it difficult with it being new. With her not here.” Aerlglo admitted. “Come in and rest. I feel there is more from home that needs telling.”

Moving away from the opening to allow them to enter, Aerlglo was happy to see his friend well and healed. An Ollad had tried to take him when it could not get to the young. The Hunters came quickly, saving him. With luck the Olland’s poison did not penetrate his body.

“I do bring news from home, my friend.” Erlu told him. “There are many Niknons that wish the humans to be moved to another location. Further away from us. Some wish to have humans come to live with them. At the time, there was not much progress in teaching them. Your Pairing changes that.”

“We know they want more to come live here. We need to send more Niknons here to help with more humans. We need more Pairings as well.” Leirbag informed Aerlglo. “Arete can help find humans that will work with us.”

“I feel sad to tell you then,” Aerlglo informed them. “Arete is more a grower and hides her head fuzz, hair, when around other Niknon. We get distracted by the colour. I will ask if she will ask others to help. She wishes to learn more to help her people. She does so with plants.”

Leirbag and Erlu clicked in understanding. Another human would be needed to guide the others and find some willing to Pair with Niknons. 

😸 (I feel this part is missing something! Do you feel it needs more or be left as is?)

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