At that moment there was a warning call sounded. They had company near by.

“The humans have come sooner then we thought. Your paired human may have had helped us.” Erlu said. “We will go see. They will need to see you my friend.”

“I believe the human, Orinda, is stronger to lead the humans. I will not be surprised to see her in the group.” Aerlglo said. Going last out of his shelter.

Orinda was leading the small human group and Cram was sharing with her when they arrived. The other humans where the friends that helped before Cram broke the trust. Arete was not with them. Orinda turned to him and noticed him looking for her.

[Arete has asked for you to be able to come and see her. She had her plants to care for and much to do when she returned. We insisted that she rested.] Orinda explained. [Most of the others where very happy to know we understood each other better and are willing to try again to work with Niknons. A group may come back with us to stay and work with us. We don’t know how many can share and there are a few willing to try.]

[We are very happy to be working with you humans again. We should have tried Sharing sooner. There would have been a better understanding.] Erlu shared back as the others settled themselves. Many where excited about sharing with humans.

[We would like to head back soon. How many will be coming?] Orinda asked.  [I understand Cram is wanting to share a few ideas on how we can work together and he is welcome to join.]

[Some of the Pairing group will join to help with finding humans able to Share. Some of the Hunters would like to help protect against the Ollads.] Leirbag answered. [Aerlglo will go to be with Arete. That will be enough for the returning. We would like to not overwhelm after just coming back.]

[Very good then. We will wait for those to be ready.] Orinda agreed.

It did not take Aerlglo long to get ready and Erlu walked him to the group. They discussed how things back home where and who had Paired together. Erlu left with good partings when they reached the other Niknons. The small group had five of the Pairing Niknon and five of the bigger Nikon Hunters. Aerlglo and the small group of humans. They set out and some humans and Niknons tried Sharing with each other on the way.

It was almost full Dark when they came across another small group of humans waiting outside the entrance. Aerlglo was happy to see Arete with that group. There was introduction of the Hunters and more humans came forward. They also hunted and wanted to share information on the Ollads. The Hunters leader, Shedea, agreed and followed the humans away.

[I have a feeling she doesn’t see us humans as a worry or very strong on our own.] Arete shared with a feeling of amusement.

[Humans are small, soft things still to some Niknons. She wanted to see the weapons that were used on the Ollads. Also if there was a fighting skill that humans use.] Aerlglo answered.

[We have different fighting skills that many train in and learn for years but most are for fighting other humans. New fighting techniques are being looked at but I don’t have an interest in it as much. I prefer my plants.] Arete smiled and started to move away. [Why don’t we go around and I can explain more about our homes and the other buildings?]

Aerlglo enjoyed walking with Arete and was amazed again at how the humans think. They set there homes together with washing in two areas and cooking close by. That way they could use the heat to warm up the wash liquid. Arete explained they called the liquid, water and they needed it to survive. They had water going to buildings for growing smaller plants and another supply for animals they used for food. Each animal was treated well and cared for.

It was getting late when a sound rang to gather everyone for the last light meal. Each human washed up and went to get their choice of food. They had food for the Niknons as a show of respect. Many took their food to tables to eat and others left to eat back at their homes.


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