[We can eat back at my home. I rather sit by the fire.] Arete shared. [I’m feeling tired with everything that has happened.]

[I can carry you and the food.] Aerlglo answered as they stepped out of the meal area. It was easy to pick Arete up and hold the food as they headed to her living area.

[Would this home be mine as well?] He asked.

[Yes it would. I don’t know if you will fit inside but we can fix that.]

Arete showed him an area in the back she had set up to relax and lit the fire. They sat quietly by the fire as they ate, lessening to it crackle.

[I heard that the next ship will be here in three or four months. My friend will be on that ship and I will need to help set her up.] Arete informed him, smiling. [I haven’t seen her in about a year and miss her. I don’t have to worry too much. Tiana will be able to settle in very little time and have her Grandma with her in no time.]

[If I understand your friend, she will have her Grandma with her and not wait for the next ship. I am looking forward to meeting both. Will your Grandma join you?] Aerlglo asked.

Arete made the sound of joy of her people before answering.

[My Grandma is more then happy with staying back on Earth and what she has build for herself. She is a proud part of the transport and trading family. I should tell you though. We are not family by blood. My Mom couldn’t have children and adopted me. My Grandma helped to bring us together.]

[What do you mean she couldn’t have children? Who would not allow it?] Aerlglo asked. Females had young and the choice was never taken from them. The young were precious.

[I mean that her body couldn’t produce a child. I was raised by her as her child but another birthed me. A different female is my mother who I never met. That is what I mean about being adopted. Raise by another family.]

Aerlglo thought as he finished his meal. They had a few that took on the role of care giver to the young that lost their Unna. These young were raised by other Unna group. It was becoming clear that Niknons and Humans where very much alike.

He pulled Arete closer to him and held her. She was soft and warm against him as she relaxed.

[I would have been full of joy to meet her, you’re Grandma. She sounds like one of our own who cares for those that lost their Unnas or family. I will be filled with joy to meet her friend. As well as your friend, Tiana.]

[You may be surprised by them. They live differently then most and are not afraid to be themselves.] Laughed Arete.

[Then that will be a great change. I feel there is a lot to be gained by working to gather.] Sharing in the amusement. [It will not be easy. The Niknons at the Main Home will not be pleased.]

Arete looked up at him before settling back in his embrace. He could feel that she was tired and not worried about anything at the moment. The fire crackle and a log slid sending a burst of ambers floated upwards towards the dark sky. Aerlglo felt that Arete had fallen asleep and knew it would work out for them. They both would work hard to bring understanding to their people.

They both would work to bring understanding to their people. Even knowing this, he could feel that someone was watching them. They didn’t feel close to see who it was. A small amount of time pasted and the watcher moved on. Aerlglo relaxed and kept watch.

😸 That ends Aerlglo and Arete’s story! Ending a story is harder than I thought! I really hope you enjoyed their story! Until next time! 😸

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