Aerlglo thought they needed to eat and drink liquid before going on. He did not want to see Arete go yet and was trying to make their time together last longer. Making sure it was safe and that there were no Ollads around, Aerlglo lowered the shell. Arete climbed out and stretched but quickly moved [...]


When the Light came, they agreed on a plan on how to go about their day. It started with eating, dumping and cleaning, followed with sharing and questions, eating a little and a rest if needed. Aerlglo suggested going for a walk to stretch Arete’s leg and strengthen it. [That would be a good time [...]


[Then you will allow the Pairing to grow with me?] Asked Aerlglo quickly with shock. There was silence as Arete got her thoughts together. [You have been around my kind to learn about us and I have seen you stop things that could have become fights with my people. You have also helped me when [...]

Spring Day

Rainy day! Let us play! As the sun peeks through the clouds! Sing a song, A happy song all the day through! Smell the air, Fresh and crisp! Hear the rain fall! Thunder crashes, As lightning strikes, Dancing through the night! As the sun rises, The birds start to sing, Another day of growing Another [...]


It was nearing the Dark when he arrived and he didn’t have any trouble seeing with his smaller eyes. The Niknons that set the shelter up had worked with the plants to grow them around a warm liquid source. There where hard rocks that where smoothed out a bit so no one would get an [...]