Spring Day

Rainy day! Let us play! As the sun peeks through the clouds! Sing a song, A happy song all the day through! Smell the air, Fresh and crisp! Hear the rain fall! Thunder crashes, As lightning strikes, Dancing through the night! As the sun rises, The birds start to sing, Another day of growing Another […]


It was nearing the Dark when he arrived and he didn’t have any trouble seeing with his smaller eyes. The Niknons that set the shelter up had worked with the plants to grow them around a warm liquid source. There where hard rocks that where smoothed out a bit so no one would get an […]


See the struggle, know it’s real. Feel the fall, taste the fear. Want to run, want to hide. No one there on either side. Tired mind, tired heart. Why are we pushed apart? Hang your head and give a sigh, May just tell the same old lie…. Enough! Stand up strong! Stand up true! No […]